I am Kelly - Kelly Haybittle UNIT FILM STILLS Photographer

Kelly Haybittle UNIT FILM STILLS Photographer Kelly Haybittle UNIT FILM STILLS Photographer

About me.

Hi, I'm Kelly

I am a graduate of the Film Stills Academy. I love being the photographer on film sets capturing the stills and behind the scenes stories. Showing the story beautifully through Unit Stills is what inspires and drives me. Behind the Scenes photography is how I can give back to crew to show who they are and what they do to create the magic of film making.

My style is to show the story without giving away the plot, capturing emotion and interactions. I work as a silent ninja and keep out of the actors eye-lines. By the evening of the shooting day I will provide 20-30 quality photos to the Production Crew.

I am Canterbury based, and available anywhere in the South Island or North Island of New Zealand. My husband and I are mobile. We have a motorhome and able to work remotely. This gives me the freedom and flexibility to travel anywhere to be available at short notice. Unit Stills Photography fits perfectly with my lifestyle. Landscape photography is what drew me in and Film Stills is where I have landed. Telling stories through photography is my challenge.

 I am happiest with camera in hand and the world in my lens.

Equipment includes:
Two Fujifilm X-H2s Bodies and lens. Renowned for accurate skin tones, accurate autofocus, silent shutter and low light.
Fujifilm GFX100s Medium Format for poster shoots.
Variety of Studio Flashes and modifiers for poster shoots.
Portable Westcott backdrops, Black, White and Textured Grey

If you are interested in the landscapes I love to photograph please look at www.KBNZphotography.co.nz

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